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Blog Posts Going Forward

Beginning today BCCTheTruth will allow current members of BCC to post on the site. The Members' posts will be under the "Current Member Blog" tab, alongside the other tabs on the blog page. We plan on producing two posts per month, each on Sundays. One from an ex-member and the other from a current member. In the case that nobody steps forward from BCC or the Ex-members, we will circulate our thoughts on certain subjects regarding BCC. If we only have Ex-members writing to us, then we will only publish ex-members, and visa versa. Ideally we'll maintain a one to one ratio between the two.

The goal of the blog remains the same: The truth. We will exercise editing for both parties and attempt to treat each with the same level of respect and courtesy. We feel the need to lay out the ground rules for when writing your post about your experience with BCC. The paramount guideline is that the information given is accurate. The standard is the truth. Secondly, no names nor places will be added to any posts; not of people, not of specific places. Lastly, If a post is full of hate, we will not consider it. Be constructive and reasonable with your writing.

We'd love to hear from BCC members who are willing to express their experience. You may remain 100 percent anonymous if you wish. Reach out to us below via the contact box. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you,



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