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The Vacuum Of A Belief System


The church provides its members with a concrete way to live life. There's no need to ponder the meaning of life because the leaders and the Bible hold all the secrets to it. When one leaves the organization, oftentimes they find themselves wondering what to believe. 

Going from having your actions ultra structured, down to "Is this a sin or not" to being able to do whatever you'd like sounds amazing. Although you could just enter the world throw away any moral constraint you previously had, this is not advised. 

Living without a belief system can become dangerous for many. It may work for some people, but living without meaning can quickly lead to a bottomless pit of lacking identity and meaning. 


Over the years we've witnessed most ex-members jumping from one to the other side of the religious spectrum. Going from ultra-Christian to hardcore Athiest. Most who have left BCC probably do describe themselves as an Athiest, actually. 

Most ex-members are, in fact, not Atheists by definition. After their time in BCC, they find it easier and more stable to cut religion out of their lives entirely. They want nothing to do with 'God'. This resentment of religion must be let go. We've experienced radicalized faith for our entire lives, but this is not a representation of all belief systems. 

The biggest fallacy surrounding world views is that they must be perfect. People love to find holes in others' beliefs. It's commonly accepted that if a given doctrine doesn't function in every single ultra-specific scenario that it should be abandoned. Simply put, this is ridiculous. 

Find something that works for you. Chances are that you'll never be in any of these particular situations. Try and keep it simple, like "the universe always corrects itself". Something as short and mild as that can be dissected and blown up into an entire belief system. 

This is all our advice, of course. If Atheism works for you, then go for it. Our only ask is that you realize all religions aren't crazy, useless, and deserving of an instant dismiss. 

If you're struggling in any way, please feel free to reach out to us below. We'll send you material for you to start on your own path.

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