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About BCC

Brunstad Christian Church was founded by Johan Oscar Smith in 1898. Smith was in the Norwegian Navy when he got converted and 'gave his life to Christ' thereby founding BCC. However, at the time he had no name for his organization other than referring to it as "the church", but outsiders called them "Smith's Friends". The church slowly gained momentum in Norway and multiple churches were built along the Norwegian coast. Because of this and the practical need of complying with local regulations, as well as maintaining consistent accounts with suppliers, contractors, banks, etc., they decided to call it as what we know today.

BCC's main belief is that humans can become like Jesus. Not in a figurative sense; the belief that we can fully eliminate sin from our lives through faith in God. 

BCC now has 220 churches in over 19 countries, and on every continent besides Antarctica. There are currently ~20,000 members worldwide, most of whom travel to the southern tip of Norway for conferences. These annual gatherings can see 10,000 persons in attendance for a two-week-long period. 

The Brunstad Christian Church created a group called A-lag, or A-team in the early 2000s. It's quite common for those finishing high school to join A-team and be sent wherever BCC sees fit. This could be anywhere from Germany, to Australia, but most are sent to work on the many building projects at the Oslo Fjord Convention Center, which is the church's headquarters and where the conferences take place. A-team is 100% volunteer so those who join can work 40-70 hour weeks and get paid about $140 a month.


In order to fund these building projects BCC routinely launches fundraising drives where churches around the world raise money for the convention center. 

The church has no official leader, like a pope, nor are there any preachers, baptists, or cardinals. Though, BCC does have a leading brother, Kare Smith, who is related to Johan smith, the church founder. However there have been previous leading brothers who were unrelated to the Smith family, besides through marriage. Each church also has a leading brother who is charged with starting meetings and spiritually shepherding their church. Women are usually not allowed to start meetings or lead a church unless permitted by an older brother. 


Resources for current members:

Leaving the Brunstad Christian Church can be the most liberating experience of your entire life. Your future is in your hands. If you wish to remain in BCC then please, remain. That said, if you wish to leave, BCCTheTruth has created a resource page in hopes of assisting ex-members in their transition.

Click the link below to access BCCTheTruth's resources for the current member's page. We're here to help you in any way and you can always reach out to us through the contact box at the bottom of the page 

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About Us


After years of talking with others who have left the BCC organization, we chose to act. After countless conversations, we decided that the best route was the truth; to allow ex-members to tell their truth. 


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